BIO-SAVE aims to meet the need for existing and emerging knowledge in climate change prevention by:

  • Establishing knowledge alliances between academics and practitioners.
  • Integrating mutual knowledge exchanging practices, skills and approaches to respond to the labour market’s needs and changes in society imposed by Industry 4.0.
  • Creating tangible products which are ICT-based and employ new 3D interactive education solutions.
  • Building transnational cooperation and best educational practices to raise the business opportunity in biotechnology and climate studies.
  • Creating added value by introducing innovations into higher education, entrepreneurship and business at EU and national level.

BIO-Save aims to bridge the gap between teaching in the academic world and continuous professional development in the biotech sector by:

  • Promoting the best practices for climate change mitigation based on modern biotechnology approaches.
  • Applying novel methods for upgrading learning programmes to connect students, professors and practitioners with the real-world job market and extend their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Offering knowledge about novel biotechnology approaches – in bio-fertilizers and energy efficient farming – which are among the options to respond to climate change.
  • Proposing hands-on experience with technology solutions – omics, system biology, among others.